Poetic Irony

If you dare to leave me in the ashes and dust in this hell, then you know my dark side quite well.

You don’t know the trauma that I’ve been through, but you know plenty about how the world will bow down to you.

I’ll always be here to defeat you with no mercy and now you bow down to me.

This isn’t just justice, I call it poetic irony.

Life will always be a mystery, because the world is united through happiness and tragedy.

You made a big mistake when you thought I was weaker with my heartache.

My dark side will forever have a place for you.

A place where justice is the one thing you can’t undo.

How do you think you’ll survive when you’re finally the one who is the fool?

I see you walk around this kingdom that used to be ruled by evil ways in the darkest days.

You never thought that I’ll be the one that makes you pay.

Now you bow down in shame, because today you’re just another king I’ve slayed.

You treated my life like a game but it’s one I’ve always played.

You claim that you will have redemption, and reclaim the throne but your voice fades away as the people rejoice because justice is finally found.

You had your chance to put me down, but who is the one who now wears the crown?

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