Poetry Tales Of PBE

The Land Of Determination

One moment I can be an angel in disguise, and the next I can be the vigilante they all despise.

One day this kingdom will be burned down and I will watch it cease to exist and I’ll call it destiny.

I don’t fear the dragon because it is just another ordinary beast. And now the dragon’s head is at my feet.

But that won’t be enough because I came too far just to come face to face with a nefarious coward with everything to lose.

I want to watch him suffer just like he watched me for all these years and make him realize that my destiny is here and now he will face the greatest demise anyone ever knew.

As his demise concludes, one task remains and it’s one I must do.

I must lead so I can reclaim what was lost and rebuild the empire an make it a land of determination.

We will carry on but never will we forget that the self-proclaimed king was nothing more than a prophet of discrimination.

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