Born To Lead

I feel like I was born to lead, because among many others I’ve learned from my bad times and turned them into times when I succeed.

Not just because of my attitude and determination, but also because I will endlessly fight segregation and discrimination.

I want to help people with entertainment or however else I can do so.

I want to silence the doubters and non-believers, because when we say yes they’ll never stop saying no.

Maybe I’m stubborn, but not being doesn’t stubborn change anything when you live in a world that needs more legends to be born.

When the world evolves I want to be one of the people to take responsibility, because I’m born to lead and if I’m not meant for it then what really is meant for me?

I don’t want to be a leader for the attention and fame.

I want to lead because it’s who I need to be because I understand mental pain.

I want to lead to help and motivate.

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