I like to live in the past to prepare myself for the future and what it’ll bring.

I remember looking out the windows listening to the songbirds sing.

I remember when I started to think that one day I’ll be the next big thing.

I remember when I was overlooked and bullied but I kept dreaming.

I remember traveling the world as I wrote my deepest feelings.

I remember starting this and studying my work as I looked for the hidden meanings.

I remember wishing that one day I’ll be a leader of my generation.

And we are here now, doing what I love with nothing to stop me because the best side of me already had a resurrection.

So why stop now if everyday I get closer to finding my place in the dreamland?

Because it’s not like my road has a line in the sand.

Thanks to all of this, the man I’ve always dreamed of being is the man I already am.

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