I look over there at the trees.

I feel the windy breeze as I hear the peaceful buzzing from the bees.

This feels like paradise, and I stand here alone in peace as I watch the sun rise.

I start to travel freely through the gorge.

I step in the crystal clear water and begin to wade until I arrive to shore.

On my way I give myself time to reflect on my past, because I’m in peace at last.

I watch the birds and I hear their song as they fly in the clear blue sky.

I start to sing along and sing songs of my own, it was just so peaceful and beautiful that I start to cry.

I sprint endlessly through the meadows until my legs can’t run anymore.

I’m trapped in a land that I adore, it gives me feelings that I just can’t ignore and that’s why I’ll always keep coming back for more.

I find myself on the top of the hill and for a moment time stood still, the breeze rubs against and now I got chills.

I just close my eyes and breathe in and out. I continue to meditate as I feel the light from the sun who pasts the fluffy white clouds I release all of tension within me .

I continue to wander to encounter the breathtaking rainbow that brightens up the already big blue sky.

I crave more adventure and I stand there peacefully as I once again cry.

I cry because everything is changing around me but the future looks brighter than the sun and that’s the reality I won’t hesitate to accept.

It may be a dawn of a new era, but the day comes to an end when I watch the sunset.

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