You Can’t Take This From Me

You can’t take this from me even if you wanted to.

You’re not strong enough to take it and I’ll never let you.

This is the best thing I have and this passion you can’t match.

You might as well try if you want but you must know that this means much more than cash.

If you want this you better prepare for war, and you better understand what we’re fighting for.

I would endlessly fight for everyone I love, my passion, and my pride.

You need to understand what I would do to keep this, if I had to I’ll even bring out my demons from my evil side.

I will forever stand my ground, and forever I’ll be moving up as you try to knock me down.

Sometimes I think of myself as a future legend and maybe that makes me a narcissist, but face me and after we’re done you’ll know that this is priceless.

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