Poetry Tales Of PBE

The BeastEater

I’m warning you the both of us won’t survive because only you will die.

Relax and just watch what happens because you’re in the world that isn’t yours but mine.

We are approaching hell on earth, where everything including the truth hurts.

Blood is in the water, as you nearly drown you start to see your reality alter.

I wonder if you should’ve stranded yourself in the ocean surrounded by great white sharks in the sea, it would’ve turned out better for you but here you are frozen in fear because of me.

Your fear is very flattering, but you’re not going anywhere so just relax in fear and stop stumbling.

The only rule I follow is the rule of the jungle, you survived thus far but I let you so just stay humble.

I’m the hunter and you are the hunted, and there is nothing you can do to stop it.

Eat what you kill, sometimes murder is for my hunger but I just do it for the thrill.

The sun is the only source of light, you had no chance anyway so why even bother trying to fight.

The air is diseased.

Creatures like me are never at ease.

Nothing begs for mercy except the weak so don’t you dare say please, not only is it annoying but the snakes will strangle you as you are helplessly on your knees.

I guess you are well aware my friend that nothing and no one will give you pain and terror you are safe from any imaginable threats excluding me, myself, and I.

Your face is so priceless right now, but you probably see them through the reflection from my red eyes.

Don’t move because you never know when I’m going to strike.

You know what just escape and leave this all behind, go ahead and try.

You are pathetic, you’re nothing more than an adventure addict.

Well you learned your lesson, the fact you survived is nothing more than a blessing. But the punishment brings me joy but as for you, you might as well let the bottomless pit of a sinkhole engulf you.

I consider it rude not to introduce myself to prey after that there’s nothing left to say.

I’m your worst nightmare, at least you wish it was a dream so you can forget every ounce of your fear. I’m not the one who hides under the bed, I’m the one who guides you into my world where you are just alive but dead.

Some I used to know called me a monster, a beast, some don’t even speak. You’re nothing special you are just another part of my day of another ordinary week.

I am a cannibal and I’m an animal.

All I love is inflicting fear, and that’s the only reason a creature like me is here. I don’t know why you didn’t try to yet again escape me I gave you all this time and one last chance. You are embarrassing yourself this isn’t beauty and the beast where we share this magical romance.


Never think of me as a killer, for I am the BeastEater.

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