Run In Love

The sun is shining, but it’s a rainy day with lighting.

I’m crying, but I’m happy and won’t stop smiling.

When I talk to you I’m shy, but you always keep my spirits alive and never let them die.

Falling in love is something I’ve never done, because I never fall I always run.

You and I are far apart, I wish that the day I tell you I love you is an era ready to start.

I just want to tell you right now that we used to call each other strangers but now we’re homies.

Maybe you know who I speak of now and just maybe you know me.

I want to say that when my world is upside down you make me dance like we are at homecoming.

You may not know this but that night I felt something.

We met in a place named Germany.

Two people dancing and singing throwback Kanye that was you and me.

When I cried you gave me one of the warmest hugs.

When they bullied me you made me feel like I was enough.

You helped me turn into a diamond from the rough but that’s not why I love you.

It’s because like I said before you left, “I don’t know what I’ll do without you”.

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