Tales Of PBE

Phantoms Of Mystery

He stands there in the middle of the night, no frights in his sights.

She stands there all day and all night, she is assumed to be a widow but no one knows because she intimidates all who dare to ask with all her might.

His greasy black hair matches the darkness in the sky.

He is a mysterious man and much like the woman no one can tell you why.

Her scarlet eyes are so beautiful some even have said it’s the sight all wish to see as their soul dies.

She much like the mysterious man, lives in a secret and they don’t have good nor evil souls.

They stand in the night at same place and the same time, the man leaves her behind each day for reason when the shines.

We are so lucky to know that much which means you must come along with me, because who knows maybe the phantoms of mystery may show us something we want to see.

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