The Dark Place

It’s hard to see the bright side when you are in a dark place, and it’s hard to see the bright side when your tears flood your face.

I once lived in constant sorrow, always hoping that I will have a better tomorrow.

My nightmares showed me the most unspeakable tragedies, there was a time when I believed there was no saving me.

All of the bullying and the betrayals made me question who I can trust, I was desperate and chased happiness like it was the gold rush.

Fear filled me up with rage, and rage turned me into a monster breaking out of it’s cage.

But that’s not who I was every time I put on a happy face and I forgot about the dark place.

When enough was enough, I decided to fight back and play rough.

I called for a revolution and I had a solution.

I asked myself, “what if I brought back the dream?”, and there I was with my friends and family like it’s one big team.

I’m grateful that the real me gets to live his best life, my demons are buried deep into my memories if they ever come back to fight they better think twice.

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