Dusk Till Dawn

I look at myself in the mirror, the vision’s getting clearer. She was so beautiful that night you should’ve seen her.

The truth hurts I gotta do something before it gets worse. Let me explain how much I love you with this next verse.

I was traumatized the day you left, now all we do is facetime and text. Dealing with these feelings are putting me to the test, and if I don’t think of you I could never get rest.

Your smile always brightened my day, it was your happiness that helped show me the way. I hang on to every word that you say. I just wish we can do it all again someday.

I should’ve known it was you all along. You told me when you left I gotta stay strong, I know life ain’t a sprint but a marathon.

Because I held on for so long. I’m good at many things but I can’t move on. Just remember our song because no matter what, “I’ll be with you from dusk till dawn”.

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