I’ll Go To War

I’ll go to war for you.

I’ll go to war and this time I know what I must do.

I’ll go to war to find a new me, because that man is the one I’m eager to meet.

I’ll go to war to find glory, so I can live to tell a story.

I’ll go to war knowing I’ll never be the same, but I don’t want to be the poet of few words with no name.

I’ll go to war to release the rage that courses through my veins, as I lead my revolution this kingdom will be burned down and a new king will accept his reign.

They engaged in a war with a man that they can’t even face despite their self-proclaimed superiority, I may be no match for their luxuries but power isn’t defined by their royalty.

I beg of them to give me the best fight, the revolution may not end the way I expect it but I’ll rejoice as long as there is a new king under the moonlight.

There he stands like a coward and a dishonest man, he is no king to me regardless of the crown on his head or his jewelry that rests on his hand.

I’ll do anything to see you again and to defeat the devil himself and his wolves in sleep’s clothing with their nefarious ways, there’s a message reciting my dying words that I left for you in case this is indeed my end of days.

“Sometimes the end is where we begin, I will fight for a better life for society and I’ll sacrifice myself if it meant that we win. Never become a poet of a few words and stay true to you.”

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