Merry Christmas To All

I wish all around the world a very merry Christmas.

I wish there will be tons of snow and hot chocolate by the fireplace to get away from the cold.

No one will ever get tired of Christmas no matter how old.

I wish true love comes true and to never become blue.

Speaking of love all I want this Christmas is being with you.

I wish there will be joy and laughter that can heard around the world.

Hearing happiness from others is the best sound ever heard.

I hope all will be with their loved ones and make memories.

I hope all will remember the ones who rest in peace.

It’s never been about the gifts it’s about who you love and who you’re with, but never ever forget good ole Saint Nick.

Wherever you may be this Christmas I hope that you love each other and celebrate this holiday like no other.

Whatever day you celebrate around this time of year, I wish you all a holly jolly holiday season and the happiest new year.

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