Forget and Forgive

I never know if I am a good person or a fool, the popular guy or the guy who tries too hard to be cool.

I used to forget and never forgive, it was some of the people I love the most who gave me every reason to move on and to ascend.

Some hurt me the most, the pain even came from my home on the southeast coast.

I blame myself for these things happening to me, as I should, and now I taught myself that emotions are the key.

I thought I fell in love numerous times and I always said that she was the one, I couldn’t even use one poem to explain all of my heartbreaks over the phone.

Some taught me to never play with fire, some taught me how to be better to capture my biggest desire.

It hurts mentally to see some of the people you love the most hurt you, it had such a big impact on life that at first I had no idea what to do.

I asked myself everyday “How long can one hold a grudge?” We all hurt but giving second chances is the best way to judge.

I guess I gave them those chances but never let go of my anger, how would you feel if you lost people you love and appear to them as a stranger?

Mental breakdowns left and right, I’m living my best life but the worst part is always trying to win that fight.

Sometimes I don’t understand my own ways, I hurt my own feelings and my words are sharper than a blade.

Does that make me insane? Maybe but I don’t care about that, I just want to stop crying sad tears when I go down memory lane.

I’ve forgiven those who wanted to make things right, and those people helped show me a whole new light.

Just because some things can’t be forgotten that doesn’t mean that I will let relationships die and become rotten.

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