It’s Christmas

It’s Christmas, boys and girls playing in the snow.

It’s Christmas, beautifully wrapped presents with a big red bow.

It’s Christmas, you are the only thing on my list.

It’s Christmas, under the mistletoe awaiting true love’s kiss.

It’s Christmas, joy is in the air.

It’s Christmas, throw your troubles away without a care.

It’s Christmas, Santa may still be up my chimney.

Oh bah humbug! He ate my last cookie! How could he?

It’s Christmas, ha ha ha joke’s on him, I still have the gifts.

It’s Christmas, turns out I’ve been finessed.

I’m pretty sure coal wasn’t on the list.

It’s Christmas, ah shucks I forgot I still got true love’s kiss

Been waiting for it for years and a week.

It’s Christmas, it was the most romantic kiss on the cheek.

It’s Christmas!

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