Tales Of PBE

Looking For Somebody Pt.7: Sunlight Lovers

Our burning hearts found each other, because we knew we could never love another. Pretty girl, you are my world no matter where we are. You couldn’t look more like  straight perfection you are my heart’s favorite obsession and to love you is the mission. I need you. Sunlight lovers our love is better than the others. We burned in peace and pain, I felt pain but I wished that your beautiful figure is what I would gain. Under the sunset, the dream begins in our hearts because our hearts is where our love starts.  The dreams continues in our eyes this is the night of my life. You’re too fine not to be mine and it’s not a sunrise or sunset if the sun don’t shine. You and me stare in lust at this beautiful scene, the city with people of regrets turns into the place I love. The place where I met you in the sunlight and left you in the moonlight. What a scene, I’ll fall to my knees and say. I’ll show you a good time because you’re too fine not to be mine and it’s not a sunrise or sunset if the sun don’t shine. I’m looking for somebody and I’m looking for more than body, you’re beautiful in and out makes me want to scream and shout. This is the best night of my life and you are all I ever want to see and to be you’re lover is all I want to be. Pretty girl will you marry me?

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