Tales Of PBE

Looking For Somebody Pt.6: I Feel Your Lust Through The Dust


Where are you my love? I died the same death, and I’m in a city with people full of regrets. Please tell me darling do you love me as you’re a victim of stress. Because I’ve come to find you. and now I don’t know how to and I can’t find a way to. I feel him watching over me he said his heart is where we begin I will burn again if I dare, but something is in the air. I feel your lust through the dust. After all this time we watch the sunrise or sunset, because it’s not a sunrise or sunset if the sun don’t shine. We are a pair of burning hearts that’s where our love starts. I feel your lust through the dust, is that you my darling? You’re too fine not to be mine. Come here darling I feel him and I know he is near.

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