Tales Of PBE

Looking For Somebody Pt.10: Destiny Is Found (Final Part)

They found each other, they burned into dust and they felt their lust. They’re getting married on this day, their burning hearts have a lot to say. Now we return to the scene where this pair of sunlight lovers wed and continue the dream that started in this boy’s head.

(Boy)- I met her under the sunlight I can’t believe I left her in the moonlight. I felt her in my heart because the heart is where we start. I walk down the aisle ready to wed my queen and say my vows as I bow. Here she is looking like straight perfection, my heart’s favorite obsession and my darling to love you is the mission. She’s too fine not to be mine and it’s not a sunrise or sunset if the sun don’t shine.

(Girl)-  I feel him and I know he’s near, I will vow to love you until the day my dear. I need to want you and I want to need you. Love isn’t everything it seems to be but I don’t care as long as he is the only one I see. Face to face, the sun shines on our burning hearts, because our hearts is where our love starts. Without you my world would fall apart.

The girl and boy arrived to wed in the dreamland, but what is the destiny to be seen in this dream. Love isn’t everything it seems to be indeed.

(Boy)- Pretty girl, I’ve been waiting for this moment since birth, and it’s never easy because love hurts with our burning hearts here we are waiting for our dream to restart. Oh no! Something’s wrong I feel like I won’t ever see dawn. Save me girl of my dreams was this love truly meant to be? She’s gone, all I see are ashes hurting me and her like daggers. She had said her farewell and it’s time for me to say goodbye.

The boy awakes in a new world in a hospital bed. Is this a new dream in is head?  He discovers he had broken his bones, but how? Everything feels real again, the pain he suffers with his brusied heart is where the reality starts. The door opens a nurse walks in. She announces to him that he has a visitor that drove him to the hospital late last night after a bar fight. “You can come in now Ms.!” she says.

(Girl) I felt you and I knew you were near and I will forever love you my dear.

(Boy)- I’ll show you a good time because you’re too fine not to be mine and it’s not a sunrise or sunset if the sun don’t shine. I’m looking for somebody and I’m looking for more than body, you’re beautiful in and out makes me want to scream and shout.

They have found each other once again suddenly the boy’s pain felt like it was a gain because his destiny is found and their love is forever profound.

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