Heart In A Cornucopia

Grateful – for everything in my life that’s happened or yet to occur.

Thankful – for the ones I love including those with the colorful fur.

Grateful and thankful, can’t we all just silence the hateful?

The day awaits for turkey to be set on the table – this feast will never stop being plentiful.

How can I forget that when you arrive, the good times gets better and more fun begins to start.

What a time to be festive, it appears you have brought a cornucopia and inside rests my heart.

With the holidays love is in the air more than ever.

So together let’s create unforgettable memories we’ll cherish forever.

Going to have some good times, yes indeed- as I watch the parade and celebrate unity.

Because when this is all over, there’s seats at the table for you and me.



Celebrating the wars I’ve won and the ones I’ll always win.

I don’t really eat much, but today I’m going to dig in.

And for those that thought for a while I had lost my mind, I’ll say you’re right but I’m about to lose it again for the cornbread in sight.

Going to celebrate with the family, moments you couldn’t buy with money.

First Thanksgiving in awhile where a mental disease wasn’t living in my head rent free.

This year, I’m going to be stuffed – but finally without one of usual sides of constant anxiety.

The time has come so I need to get cornbread if you’ll excuse me.


Destiny Calls

Destiny calls every night and day.

Listening to the voice and hanging on the words it’ll forever say.

“Build your kingdom. You trapped your true colors it’s about time you freed them. You inner demons are too hungry, how often do you feed them?”

And the truth is, I can’t help it but to seem ruthless.

I wake up every day from my dreams saying,”I’m ready to do this.”

To this day I feel I’ve waited too long, I can do big things and you’ll never know how long I knew it.

The presence of a champion is what I’ll present.

Love, passion, desire is what I represent.

I’ll go down in history and make it impossible for you to forget.

Because if I don’t I’d be filled with regret.

A constant reminder that I didn’t fight until I had nothing left.

Destiny calls and says it’s time to put myself to the test.

So legend I shall be – that’s the new mentality.

Never back down – that’s the champion in me.

You don’t have to understand me, just know I was called by destiny.


Alive And Well

It’s a rainy day – a dark cloud on your face, your tears falling all over the place.

Things aren’t what they were, never what’s supposed to be. Asking yourself, “Why does everything bad always happen to me?”

It feels like a tragedy, you have so many thoughts but never let them free.

So what if I told you that if things aren’t the same, you aren’t the one to blame?

Thoughts always running through my brain faster than a freight train.

What if I told you that I can never know your pain? But I know what it’s like to feel insane.

What if I told you that everything’s gonna be alright?

Be the warrior I always thought you could be and fight.

I know you’re in pain but it’s never too late to make it right.

Because I know you’re not perfect, but it doesn’t make you worthless.

So rise up to the edge where you fell, and scream to the world “I’M ALIVE AND WELL!”


Killing Anxiety

Laying down, my body’s aching.

Can’t stand up, my hands are shaking.

I wasn’t blind, but my vision was wet and glossy.

Put on my glasses, everything turns foggy.

So ill I wished to vomit my guts up.

SOS, I called for backup.

Never known such pain.

I will get stronger to put you to shame.

Destroy you for making me hate my own name.

Ill you’ll make me, so give me a cold and I’ll give you a vengeful flame.

Doing the devil’s work to someone who conquers demons is an unfair game.

At first, you drove me crazy because you wouldn’t leave me alone – then you brought all I love into this, then you turned me insane.

So make me lay down again, I dare you.



Unwanted thoughts and feelings haunting my head – intrusion.

Begging my dark side to leave me alone, but inevitably begging for it to return – confusion

Bullied and broken – exclusion.

Keep dreaming and plotting destiny – the solution.

Wishing I live life as I should – rising up and leading the revolution.

Look ahead, march forward and take what I seek – retribution.


Seize The Day

When there’s not much to say.

When you feel bad but great at the same time, life is more than just okay.

Look in the mirror – everything happens for a reason, and one way or another there will be a price to pay.

But how does that happen? How do I pay that price today?

Wake up, work hard, play hard as I seize the day.

Our mentalities are the key to us moving forward, getting stronger as the days seem longer. We may not even realize it, but everyday has a plan and our mentality will inevitably show us the way.



Lately, I’ve been feeling bold.

I can barely contain my excitement of the thought of falling in love and growing old.

A curse gets reversed. This rusted heart turns into gold.

Eager to put myself out there again and again as I remember every love story I’ve ever been told.

You look so stunning just like you are everyday – you are the clear opposite of cold.

Attraction to the masculine and feminine, I can’t help but fantasize in my head – because soon everything will unfold.


When Cupid Calls

Emotionally available for you no matter how much I’ve suffered.

Every scar burns brighter and much like my broken heart, they can’t be covered.

We can play a game of help me, help you.

No matter how many times you wish to fade away, I’ll be there to help you through.

Emotionally vulnerable.

Tell me about the fools and everything that puts you through hell, I will listen even if it’s not understandable.


Because I know what’s it like to be trapped in the deep dungeons of our minds, trying to force ourselves to cry.

And when the memories crawl from the shadows, and the ghosts rest in the walls. Or when the lights go out in the halls.

I’ll be there, just tell me everything and I will help because that’s the power of love when cupid calls.



An alarm is set on my phone at my bedside.

Waking up a few minutes before and it’s still quiet inside.

The sun starts saying good morning to every home in the neighborhood through the dusk.

What do I do to start this wonderful day? Continue my dreams of glory and lust?

Breakfast on the mind. Bacon and even more bacon with a side of bacon is passing through my head.

Or maybe cereal instead.

But definitely bacon. I’m so tired though, I don’t want to go to the kitchen. Maybe I’ll just steal whatever my mom is making.

Hopefully it’s bacon.

Suddenly my bedside begins shaking. I forgot about that damn alarm clock! It always scares me nearly to death and it’s one of my least favorite things if I’m not mistaken.

What was I talking about again? Oh yeah, BACON!